a queer-owned creative & experiential agency


- we are a collaboration of creatives

—  our mission

we stand for equality + unification FOR ALL HUMANS.
we are a full service experiential agency.

let us introduce ourselves:


Barry Brandon, lifestyle curator

navigating through a world where everyone wishes to know your role & title, barry brandon prefers to be referred to as a unicorn. he has worked as an art director, creative director, producer, curator, promoter, photographer, stylist, location scout and casting director. he loves pugs, travel, connecting with humans & laughing.


Mary Sellers, creative director, designer

art director, designer, illustrator, founder of PRISK design studio. Mary loves to move & dance to the beat of her own creative drum. with over a decade working in the creative & tech industries, she decided to finally dance to that beat & launch PRISK design studio (est 2015). her passion for design & willingness to push creative boundaries is what drives her. she embraces the atypical & invites the originative, daring others to do the same, to DO THINGS differently. be bold, unique, real & kick ass.

when she's not in the trenches with our fabulous clients you can find her shredding the trails on her mountain bike, practicing ashtanga yoga, eating burritos, & telling seriously cheesy jokes. she's had a life-long love affair with the design world & is super pumped to partner with For All Humans.


Jon Dean, photographer

originally from Columbus GA, Jon received a BFA in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design. in 2015, Jon created Wussy Mag, an Atlanta-based publication focusing on queer art and culture in the Southeast. he really likes tacos, drag queens, and Vanderpump Rules.


with a variety of creative backgrounds, Barry, Jon & Mary have joined together to form For All Humans. contact us to bring your idea into reality.