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The Tin Man Project screens at Columbia Gorge International Film Festival

The Tin Man Project will be participating in year's Colombia Gorge Film Festival as one of the festival's official selections! CGIFF is based in Vancouver, Washington (just over the river from Portland, OR), and will be screened on Thursday, August 13th, at 5pm, in neighboring Washougal, WA

dmission is FREE, so Portland-area friends, please bring others with you!


In 2007, stage performer and philanthropist Barry Brandon picks up a video camera and gathers friends and family to celebrate his life and document his precious time with them. What he is hiding from everyone around him is that he is actually recording an unspoken final goodbye to the people for whom he cares most. In fact, Barry is now in now dying from massive heart failure.

Hysterical laughter follows Barry, his prophetic mom, Linda, and his sidekick, sister Aleacia, as they make a well-documented quest through the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Meeting with doctors, nurses, and hospital staff, they retrace the agonizing and drastic steps they’ve taken to keep Barry safe from a heart that continues to fail.

Near death, Barry reflects on the hand he’s been dealt and his miraculous medical successes, and he rushes to find his life’s purpose as he gets closer to the end of it. Attributing his past medical successes to the undying love of his faithful family and countless friends, Barry discovers the healing properties of love and laughter. Using this concept, he creates a foundation to raise money for families of ailing children so they can stay together in times of crisis. Barry, his family, friends, and doctors trace his journey through raw footage of his last surgery, home videos, and the one-man show he created, In My Own Words, as he hangs on with every breath to watch his dreams come true before it’s too late.


Florida native Barry Brandon is a walking medical anomaly. By the age of five, he had undergone four open-heart surgeries and is granted a final wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. With a minimal life expectancy predicted by his doctors, Barry beats the odds time and time again. After learning that he would need to undergo his eighth open-heart surgery, Barry enlisted his long-time friend and director, Jordan Hackworth, to chronicle his life story in case he doesn’t survive the procedure.

Now 30, Barry attributes his medical success to the love, laughter, and support that he has received from his family over the years. Barry finds his voice for the first time by creating a one-man show where he tells his story through comedy, spoken word, and song, calling it, “In My Own Words.” After its premiere, Barry brings the show to 8 cities in different 6 states, spanning from NYC to L.A. Barry uses funds from the performances to create a non-profit organization to ensure that children in heart failure and facing other long-term ailments can be accompanied by their family when they are forced to travel for distant medical procedures, keeping families together in times of need.

A renaissance man of entertainment, Barry has released a compilation full-length pop album on iTunes in January 2012. Finding a home in Atlanta, he has conceived, created, produced, and promoted a successful, monthly dance party titled Bedlam Presents. He has also created and produced an Atlanta-based singing competition, titled Sing for your Life. The show is massive success, spanning over multiple seasons and grabbing the attention of Atlantans year after year. With an unmatched appreciation for life, Barry lives almost nomadically between Atlanta, New York, Italy, and many cities in between, never quite fulfilled by the ordinary.

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