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Brigitte Bidet performs at #WOBO & beyond!

 Photo: Blane Bussey

Photo: Blane Bussey

Brigitte Bidet is quickly becoming a household name within the Atlanta nightlife community and we had a few moments to catch up with her before her performance this Saturday at #WOBO plus find out what she has coming up next! 

How long have you been dancing and how long have you been doing drag?

I got into dancing because my Acting teacher in college told me I was "completely unaware of my body" Being read to filth at 18 years old by an intimidating old man will cause a person to do crazy things, so I dropped all of my theatre courses and switched over to the Dance department as a way of protesting. 9 years later, I now dance full time for CORE Performance Company in Atlanta, GA. I started Drag after gaining all of my "body awareness" and realizing that I was great at dancing around like a boozy seductress at night clubs. Little did I know how much work it took to be a non-hideous queen...

What are your plans for dance and drag in the future? 

Right now I'm trying not to make any plans but continue to grow in both areas as an artist and entertainer. Each year becomes more exciting and I'd like to see how far this wave goes without placing too many expectations on what success looks like. 

You just won Dragnificent in Atlanta! How was being a part of that show? 

Dragnificent was crazy! This year was full of strong performers and super-creative personalities in town. I learned a great deal about what it means to create for an audience where everyone is completely different (and most likely there to support someone else) Hopefully this experience prepared me for a similar situation that takes place in Hollywood every year... 

Click the image below to view the #WOBO teaser video

Tell me about #WOBO. This is your 3rd time preferring at the party now - twice in Atlanta and once in Savannah, right? What can we expect from your performance on Saturday? 

#WOBO means dancing around in a room that's packed with dayglo, underwear and twinks. How can anything go wrong? Last time I was at the party in Savannah, I crowd-surfed at the end of my number. Brigitte likes to perform in a way that electrifies the room and gives people a moment of entertainment in between their dance floor makeout moments.

How is Tossed Salad going?

Tossed Salad is doing great- packing out Burkhart's every Sunday while showcasing a wide variety of current ATL drag queens. I think the format of the show is great for getting different crowds togeher- I've made a ton of new friends and am always meeting new people. The hardest part about the show is either getting the girls there on time or having to take too many free shots from people in the crowd.

What do you have coming up next? 

This Friday, the night before #WOBO I am premiering my first commissioned choreography at the High Museum. It's a crazy-exciting opportunity and I can't wait to share it with Atlanta. Legendary Children is also throwing a Halloween party at the Heretic, featuring Katya from Season 7 of Drag Race. Can't wait to laugh with her.

Where can everyone connect with you?

The best way to find me is on Facebook, currently listed as Brigitte Rackliffe (it's actually BRIGITTE BIDET but Facebook made me change it) Also I love instagram: @brigittebidet

SEE U SATURDAY! dancin' in the dark