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Elliott Alexzander, the beauty behind #GENDERFLUX

Where shall I even begin. From the beginning I believe would be best… 

I met Elliott Alexzander back in February 2012. I remember because it was my friend Melissa Rucker’s birthday party. He walked into the party as if anyone and everyone had already met him before, helped me with my hair and kindly introduced himself to everyone in the room. Just 4 hours later and it was like my entire friend circle had known him for years. 

He opted to audition for Sing for your Life Season 1 making it through due to the combined talents of his voice, style, look and everything else that makes him who he is; a beautiful human being. He wound up leaving is week 1 of season 1 coming in 12th place but in typical Elliott fashion he remained positive, showed up week after week to rehearsals on Saturdays and showed up every Thursday to support the other contestants. Joining in on mentoring sessions regarding artistry and music to branding and vision, he just kept listening and learning. 

I stayed closely connected to Elliott as I do all of the SFYL contestants and I could tell that he was truly creating something special. A following trough being true to himself. And as I continued to follow his blog, fashion, kind words and clear concise self of self, I realized that he was onto something bigger than he even realized. 

And now he has presented #GENDERFLUX which is sure to be a powerful hub for people around the world who don’t feel as though they fit in. The world now has Elliott Alexzander, a soul that I am honored to call a friend. I am ecstatic to be a part of his personal and professional world and am so humbled that he has trusted me to help bring his vision to life. 

All my love, respect and admiration,