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Fabulous Fifty - Michael Robinson

And after he took that nice long rest on the 7th day... on the 8th day he created Michael Robinson...

Where to even start with him. I met Michael Robinson 5 years ago and we became gradual friends. It wasn't until months after knowing each other casually that we started having deeper more meaningful conversations and realized that we were going to know each other for a nice long time. 

One of my favourite memories of MIchael (out of the 2,473 that I could pull from) has to do with Sing for your Life. He, JL and I were sitting at the apartment talking about Atlanta, things to do, what there isn't to do and we started talking about what we could do to fill the extra days. Bedlam was already a go as were other events that we were involved with monthly but we were, quite frankly, bored. SO I had had a smidge of a concept in mind from trying to tweak this singing competition but nothing to the extent of what the show became. Somehow it was brought up, wine and champagne were pouring and Michael looked over and said (after some dialogue about the concept) "Well let's just do it, let's start tomorrow". I said "Are you sure?". He said "YEEEEEeaaahhhh". 

And SFYL was created the next day. I couldn't think of better friends to have sat with on that panel for those 2 seasons. MIchael and his perfectly direct statements that mean exactly what he said, no hidden agenda, no diluted insulting undertone, no shade - just real authentic - well you asked so I'll tell you. 

I have clearly been inspired by his fashion (as the rest of the city has too) but it's not limited to just that. It's the effortless fluid motion of willingness to help, create and come on board with whatever his friends need. Backup dancing, choreographing, styling, shopping - whatever! 

So many memories. So many more to be had. I am beyond ecstatic for his transition from Atlanta to NYC come June and can't wait to follow along with what comes of his move.