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Fabulous Fifty - Camille Hunt

Where shall I even begin? How about the beginning... but we will move on quickly from there...

I met Camille back in 2001 in Ft. Lauderdale, Plantation to be exact. I had just moved back down and so had she. We were both working at the same restaurant (though her orders were always rather complicated). After realizing that we both liked to runway in the kitchen area we became fast friends. It has been so amazing to witness her growth, career wise, from a restaurant to Ocean Drive magazine to her massive transition to NYC working at a luxury magazine as high up as she can get without starting her own (hint, hint). 

Never missing a beat on laughter and being caught in hilarious situations she has managed to not ever change who she was, an extremely feisty opinionated strong black women, she also found the perfect match in her husband. 

The sky is literally the limit for this girl and I am excited to watch the journey continue. As id her career weren't fabulous enough the last time I was in NYC a few weeks back she had decided she wanted to do something to better the world. All I can say is hold on world because when Camille decides to do something , something big is a brewin'. 

All my love and respect.