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Fabulous Fifty - Christine Courtney-Myers

The Fabulous Fifty continues with Christine Courtney-Myers. I haven't know her that long, maybe 7 or 8 months, but upon meeting her I was instantly in awe. I was introduced to Christine via Bill Kaelin (don't worry... he will be one of the Fabulous Fifty) because she was in need of someone in Atlanta to run a promotional event and it was essentially her first event in this city as most of her work is done other fabulous spots like NYC, Vegas, Dallas, L.A. so on and so fourth.

Long(ish) story short she opted to hire me to run the event and that was the introduction to, for me, a mentor, teacher and friend. 

I have been working in events and promotions for 4 years now and it wasn't until I met Christine that I discovered this world of experimental marketing and events where your creative mind can conceptualize ideas for companies to run with and then witnessing people interact through your brainchild. Not only that but having an opportunity to produce the event that you initially conceptualized.

To top it all off her amazingly outside of the box mind and her instinct for just "getting it" is combined with effortless ease. Let me keep in simple and frank - she is everything. 

* Oddly enough as I was on her facebook page searching for a photo to use on this post, my phone rang and it was Christine - literally at that exact moment. I will be heading to her office today to talk about a new project. 

#Mentor #Teacher #Friend - Words that I find myself so lucky to be able to use when summing up a person.