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Fabulous Fifty - Princess Charles

Princess Charles. Icon. Friend. Entertainer. Advisor. Listener. 

I met Princess Charles back in 2005 when I lived in Atlanta for a brief 2 year run before heading back to Ft Lauderdale for a job offer (but that is another story for another fabulous friend). He used to run a weekly show at Blake's back in the day when everyone went to Blake's and that tremendous pretentious vibe didn't really exist. I remember him being so open and honest on the microphone - introducing each entertainer in a fun loving way but somewhere preaching and teaching in between sets. One of the biggest life lessons I ever learned came from Princess Charles. It was the lesson on the power of the microphone. He spoke about this from time to time while he was hosting but one night he sat me down and explained this concept in greater detail. The concept was simple. When on the microphone you have the power to have people listen to you... and not just listen but really hear you. Choose your words wisely. Use the power in a positive way. Use your voice in a positive way, Create change. Understand that the microphone does have power. 

I will never forget this life lesson for as long as I live and I will continue to infuse it into my every day life. 

Princess Charles - I respect you and hold you in high esteem. This city TRULY would not be the same without you. Your love and joy for life exudes through your inner soul and it is infectious. Thank you for being you. Much love and respect.