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Fabulous Fifty - JL Rodriguez

Many of you know JL Rodriguez. Many of you know that he is one of my best friends. I have known him for 17+ years and I don't foresee us ever not knowing each other. He has been a friend, supporter, defender and inspiration for myself and my work since essentially our first meeting and interaction. 

As a singer and songwriter he is, in my humble opinion, the most undiscovered talent of our time. I have said this before and I will say it again - once the right person hears his songs and just one single major recording artist records one and it reaches number 1, which goes without saying, he will be the most sought out. I am calling for multiple Grammy Awards. 

Having the opportunity to witness people's reactions to his songwriting is a highlight for me. Having him on the panel of Sing for your Life for 2 seasons was an incredible professional experience. His passion and love for music is deep and the show benefitted tremendously due to his ear. 

All the love ad respect in the world, I open Fabulous Fifty with JL Rodriguez.