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What the hell am I doing?


Ok so... I currently reside in Atlanta, GA. I have been a resident of this city for 4 years. Before that I was a resident of New York, NY and before that I was a resident of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 

I was born with a congenital heart defect that caused me to stay close to family members in case of (consistent) emergencies. That lasted from birth to 27 years old. Once I had my 8th surgery it was off to NYC immediately and from there I came to Atlanta (long story). 

In those years I have accomplished many things both professionally and personally. I have built life long lasting friendships, filmed a movie, released an album on iTunes, toured the country with my music, executive produced parties and events in Atlanta,  NYC, Savannah and Tampa, conceived and created a singing competition, worked on a project for Google and now work often with an amazing experiential marketing agency. But still I dream of bigger things. 

Ever since I could remember I had this pulsing need and drive to travel the world, meet new people, make new friends, absorb information, engulf myself in culture, stand for something, make a difference and live the best life I could be. 

I have never been very good at being anyone else other than myself. It was never in the cards. I sometimes think I took a longer route than others on many levels but that's ok. 

The summer months of 2012 from June - September, I traveled to Europe. The travel path looked like this:
















Once I flew back to the states I knew it was all over. Everything that I had dreamed about had become a reality. I was addicted to the realities that the world is HUGE and I NEEDED to experience it first hand. 

While I was in London hanging out with my brother Bobby and sister Malissa, who was there at the town working on some events at the Olympics through AMEX, we found ourselves at a rooftop lounge where I met a girl who I will never forget. She was American and had left the states 5 years prior on a specific kind of visa that allowed her to work on live in England. But the time was fast approaching for her to leave. She had fallen in love with the London lifestyle and had no plans on returning to the states and somehow had been connected with a company that searches Italians backgrounds and heritage to decipher eligibility for Italian (dual) citizenship. I asked her for the contact information and she gave it to me right away stating - you MUST come to Europe. I emailed the company a few days later and started communication with the CEO who my family and I are now working with to obtain our citizenship. 

That catches us up (in a fairly short manner) to present day. I left a lot out but the thing is, if I am going to publish a book one day on all of my life experiences, you won't want to read it if you already read everything on my blog, so there you have it.

It's Thursday May 29, 2014. I am sitting at my apartment in Atlanta with my 2 pugs, listening to Calvin Harris, waiting to meet up with the lovely Lia Panos for a drink and typing up this entry. I do feel as though I should be drinking a glass of wine so let's say for screenplay purposes, if this is ever a film, whoever is playing me is sipping on a niiiiiice glass (bottle) of pinot noir. It would make everything so much more realistic. Anyway.... I needed a way to catch everyone (who is interested) up on what I am doing so that is what this introductory long ass blog is all about.

I depart from Atlanta around June 22 and am heading to Rome. From there I am traveling to a small down about 2 hours south of Rome to stay with my mom and 2 brothers Bobby and Anthony. where we will finalize all of the necessary paperwork for our Italian citizenship. In theory we will have that finalized by the beginning on July. From there they fly back to the states on July 11t and I will begin my new strange life. 

Planning on semi going with the flow and seeing what happens and semi pre planning. I don't have any specific set plans for where I will be heading from that small town in Italy but I am thinking about maybe Barcelona. Eventually I will be making my way to Berlin (late July / early August) and will probably stay there for about 6 weeks networking, meeting people and seeing if that is where I want to live. 

I will be returning to the states in mid September to throw my sister her baby shower, celebrate my birthday and stay through the birth of my nephew in October. November and December are up in the air at the moment but come December I am (fingers crossed) receiving the most amazing gift of life which will ultimately allow me to travel the world from that point forward. Not sure where I am going to head - perhaps San Fran to visit Jose and Levi, maybe Australia - who knows! 

Come Spring 2015 I will return to Berlin and move into my very own apartment. How am I doing this? Don't know. But I am. And it will work. How do I know that? Because anyone can do anything. That's how I know. 

I will be officially starting my marketing Marketing & Consulting Social Media based company so I can work from wherever I am. World famous Countertenor David Daniels is a current client of mine and I am consulting with C3 Agency now. This will allow me to be hired and brought all around the world whenever is necessary. I will continue to freelance, i.e. producing events as they come up and I will continue to work on specific artistic endeavors for myself as I see fit. I am planning on documenting my travels through photography and videography and will be revamping this website to focus primarily on that. 

About to begin the wildest of rides! Though somehow I don't feel scared or nervous. I feel like I am ready. This has been a long time coming. Lots of little pieces have finally come together. It's all... preparation. 

The journey begins in less than 1 month. Oyyyyyyyyy!