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Fabulous Fifty - Malissa Bastone

Where shall I even begin? Malis is my other sister. I have known her for essentially my entire life on planet earth and I have loved her for the moment I could remember knowing how to love someone. She is an idol and inspiration of mine. The path she has taken really lets people me know I can have it all. 

School at NYC, worked for a FABULOUS salon in NYC, worked at Bergdorf Goodman, designed jewelry (that Beyonce wore on the cover of VIBE magazine), now works on events with American Express, travels the world, married a wonderful man straight from Italy, has 2 beautiful kids and still manages to maintain that perfect New York lifestyle. 

Looking strikingly more beautiful as I have ever seen her fashion sense never stops, her kind heart makes everyone around her fall in love and that wonderfully unique way of speaking that you can't help but remember. 

I visited Malis in NYC when I was 17 years old, stayed with her in the Village and went with her to The Limelight. She opened my eyes to many things and has been a constant ear for me to unleash to when I felt that no one else would understand. 

Malis my love - I value your opinion of me so much and hold you in the highest of esteem. You have changed my life and continue to do so just from the life that you lead. I love you. See you in Hong Kong!!!!

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