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Fabulous Fifty - Aleacia Perdomo

You had to know she was coming up soon.... Leash... my big sister. Now THIS is a hard one. Why you ask? Because there are quite possible 3.4 million stories that I could bring up, 7.8 million moments we have shared and 9.2 million laughs together. 

I'm not sure it is possible to convey the love and gratitude I have for my sister. She is a brilliantly smart, independent, hard working, kind hearted and fun loving individual. Her brain is a sponge, literally. 

I have relied heavily on her for my entire life, probably more than anyone else in the world. She has been there for me since the day I was born. And nowwwwwww she is expecting a little one! My very own nephew who will be coming into the world in October! 

I know people say things like this often because it sounds great on paper but I really do mean this with all sincerity. I have the most fiercely loyal sister anyone could ever have. She always has my back. She always has my best interest at heart. And she always is there. I only hope I am the same towards her and I can only show her through many years to come that I love and respect MASSIVELY! 

Leash - I love you,


PS - you are in charge of Piggy & Kermit when I head to Europe but NO, you MAY NOT KEEP THEM!!!!! 


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