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Fabulous Fifty - Melissa Rucker

Well oh well - look who we have here. It's Melissa Rucker aka Pollie Pocket aka the best friend one could ask for. 

Our friendship began on the corner of 61st and Lexington in NYC (but probably not the way you are thinking). She was there visiting a friend of hers that happened to have gone to high school with a friend of mine that I had met in Atlanta years previous to that. We hell in love ALMOST instantly on that very corner on that very day except for the fact that she told me that she was from Canton - and maybe even lived there at the time. 

We spent a few hours together, exchanged numbers and chatted a bit. I called her a month or so later when I was in Atlanta getting ready to perform In My Own Words at Shakespeare Tavern and she came to the show. From that point forward I would say we were inseparable. She has been to just about every family gathering of mine, my sister considers her her sister as do I. 

I have since had the pleasure of featuring her artwork at art events in and around the Atlanta area, have traveled to LA with her, she visiting me in NYC and I don't foresee the two of us ever not knowing each other. 

Her loyalty is unmatched by almost anyone in the world (tied closely with others that you will read about soon) and she just so happens to be adorably perfect (hair included). 

I am not certain I could imagine my life without her in it. Oh Rucker how I love thee. SO excited to see what is in store for you in the next year. It's going to be a big one! 

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