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Amanda Hale releases her new single "Sweet Boy"

I chatted with Season 2 contestant Amanda Hale regarding her new single, opening for Aaron Carter and a whole lot more. Here is what she had to say...

So you just released a single called "Sweet Boy." You have released material before but this is the first since you appearing on Season 2 of Sing for your Life. Is this song a new direction for you? Different from what you were doing before? 

YES!  I think this is the most excited I’ve been to share music with people because it was a collaboration among some of my best friends.  I’ve been deeply passionate about this song since the original melody came into my mind – it’s been such a great process.  A lot of time, energy, and emotion have gone into it – the whole team has forfeited many hours sleep!  I’m so happy though because this song is a representation of who I am now and where I am going as an artist.  In the first stages of the song, I knew it had the potential to be something, so I immediately sent some random voice memos to Erick and we started working on it right after he got back to Atlanta from his Spring 2014 tour… and then he wrote maybe the catchiest hook of all time!  My hope is that every time someone says the word “sweet” that they automatically say “sweet sweet” in a really high-pitched voice, haha!

 You linked up with Erick Nathan and Dominic Greco, both alumni of Sing for your Life. How did that come about? What drew you to them? 

Erick’s leather jacket and Dominic’s lovely head of hair… true, long-lasting friendships start with those kinds of things, you know.  But really, Dom and I connected at our first SFYL photo shoot when he asked for fashion advice.  I found out later that he didn’t think I liked him, ha!  Which couldn’t have been further from the truth – I was just being shy.  Our friendship continued to grow through the season and we really leaned on each other, as we continue to do now.  Erick and I immediately connected and seemed to approach SFYL as a team from day 1, which was really cool because we never got caught up in competition with each other.  Then one day at rehearsal we were like, “hey, we should try to write a song together!”  The rest is history, and now these gentlemen are two of my very best friends – they were both born for greatness.

 I read somewhere that you were releasing 2 different versions of "Sweet Boy". Is this true? If so, what can we expect next? 

You read correctly… maybe even more than two!  ENU Records will be putting out a remix album of “Sweet Boy” in the very near future – it’ll be a fun project to look forward to after the New Year!

 You are opening for Aaron Carter this Friday night and you opened for him in L.A. a few months back. Seems things are going well for you! What is next? 

I feel extremely thankful.  The first time I opened for Aaron in LA was kind of surreal – it was a really great opportunity for Erick and me.  That experience paved the way for this show at The Loft on November 14th, and I am just really excited to be able to have fun and give it my all with my band!

Some things coming up include a Christmas song I am releasing on the ENU Records Christmas album, and then I plan to start putting in some solid studio time with my band after the New Year.  But before that I plan on spending lots of time putting up sparkly Christmas decorations.

 Who are you music inspirations? What do you love about those artists? 

My biggest musical inspiration is Gwen Stefani, especially in the old-school No Doubt days.  I remember listening toTragic Kingdom on repeat when I was a little frizzy-haired munchkin... and I still listen to it all the time as a 20-something year old woman who uses hair products.  Another inspiration is Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  She is an artistic genius.  I also think both of them are on point when it comes to fashion.

 Where can everyone find you online? 

They can find me at www.amandahalemusic.com - which then points to all of my social media pages!  Definitely connect with me on twitter, and of course on instagram [@ahale_yeah] – I have a really cute dog named Maggie Moo who you’ll see a lot of and a bag named @adventuremelon that gets lots of screen time.


How would you describe your experience on #SFYL? Was I the worst of life? Would you recommend the show to other singers and artists that you know? 

As I said earlier, SFYL changed my life – it redirected and focused my vision – and I attribute that to your vision, BB, for preparing the way for us.  The only reason it changed my life is because I took advantage of the opportunity and took action with what I was given.  It would’ve been very easy to go through the experience without fully utilizing what was at my fingertips or networking with people for after the competition – but then what’s the point of it all?  I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a chance to perform each week – even if you get kicked off.  Some of my favorite personal performances and moments happened after I was no longer competing.  I cannot stress that reality and drive enough.  Sing For Your Life can cause major growing pains if you do it right – it is by no means an easy experience, but things that are worthwhile rarely are easy anyway.  

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